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Master Class Series

Imagine and Discover

Tattoo - Master Class

Instructors: Lu Sky Walker and Lydia Bruno

WHEN: Sunday, March 22, 2015
WHERE: Prime Stage Studio

Our Master Class on Designing your own tattoo will offer insights into the following:

- The best practices for selecting a design that will best fit the area.
- Where to place your tattoo based on your body size, placements and content.
- What makes up a quality tattoo.
- Indentifying a good artists and their portfolio.


Master Class - Makeup and Effects Artistry

Instructor: Drew A. Talbot
SyFy's 'Face Off" Season 7 Contestant


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WHEN: Saturday, October 25,  2014 - 10:00 AM to Noon
WHERE: Prime Stage Studio

ARTICLE - Pittsburgh Post Gazetta Article



"Thank you so much Prime Stage!!!  the Master Class Series is very exciting for a new SPFX  make up artist like myself and my friends, I can now head back to my haunt and try all the new techniques I learned! So awesome and so affordable!!!!!"
- A.A. Field of Screams FX CREW

"Drew make up class was exciting, fun, and a great experience. Learned so much and got hands on practical application techniques." - M.B

"From Drew Talbot - "I had an amazing time! It was wonderful! I hope you guys get lots of people to sign up for the next classes!"

"Amazing! I learned exactly what I wanted to know." - C.K.

"Loved it! Learned so many new techniques! Thank you." - HS


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Makeup effects artist and current 'Face Off' season 7 contestant Drew Talbot will demonstrate several makeup techniques that can be applied for Halloween, stage, and film. These techniques will include simulated cuts and bruises, simulated illness, application of small prosthetics, proper application of artificial facial hair pieces, and the transformative effects of light and shadow. Dialogue will be encouraged throughout the session and volunteers from the audience will be selected to be the subjects for Drew's makeup applications.