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Young Artists Company

Imagine and Discover


Our aim is to ignite a conversation on relevant social issues by creating a new dramatic work in a collaborative environment.

Student actors and technicians will be mentored by a team of professional theatre artists, and will participate in diverse workshops to create a language in which the company will engage.

The company will share their experience and invite others to learn their language by leading in-school residencies on the creation of new works, and the importance of using theatre and the arts as means of social discourse.

Program Director: Hilary Caldwell
Assistant Director: Michael Brewer
Technical Director: Samantha Kuchta

Our Education Programs are funded in part by:

The Grable Foundation, The Laurel Foundation, PNC Charitable Trust, Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, The Buhl Foundation and The State Farm Foundation

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Prime Stage Theatre is eligible to receive EITC Funding.