The Scarlet Letter

Nov 4 - Nov 13, 2011 The New Hazlett Theatre Center for Performing Arts
Performances are typically 2 hours long. Showtimes: Friday & Saturday @ 8:00 PM
Sunday @ 2:30 PM

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter
adapted from Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel by Carol Gilligan and Jonathan Gilligan

Pittsburgh Youth Symphony will be performing on opening night - November 4th.

Review: The Scarlet Letter - Pittsburgh City Paper (Michele Pilecki)

Check out a video of Set Designer JohnMichael Bohach discussing the set design.

- Meet and chat with the director and playwright on Friday, November 4th and Saturday, November 5th.
- Desserts with the Director - Saturday, November 5th and 12th
 Desserts genrously donated by:
     * Featured Partner - Square Cafe - November 5th
     * Featured Partner - Allegro Hearth Bakery - November 12th
-  Family Friday Night - November 11th
- Field Trips (Student Matinees) - November 8, 9, 10 & 11, 2011

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Director's Comments: Why I Love The Scarlet Letter

Director - Katie Mueller"The story of The Scarlet Letter is timeless, enduring and profound. Fear is one of mankind's greatest obstacles, but those who fight to free themselves of this burden are the ones who ultimately triumph. No piece of American literature has ever touched so many people and it will continue to inspire generations to abandon their judgments and prejudices. The Scarlet Letter will always serve as a reminder that out of strife comes magnificence."

- Katie Mueller, Director
The Scarlet Letter

"Hester Prynne was a heroine who could speak to modern audiences. Hawthorne's brilliant insight -- he is writing now in 1850, at the time of Brook Farm and the Abolitionist Feminists -- was that the very qualities that render a woman able to see the iron framework of society also disable her as an adulterated woman. He captures it all in the letter A, which, as the story explains, means Able as well as Adultery. The central theme in my book, The Birth of Pleasure, is the tension between love and patriarchy. This is also the theme of The Scarlet Letter."

- Carol Gilligan

Review and preview of The Scarlet Letter by Carol Gilligan and Jonathan Gilligan:
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Author Carol Gilligan adapts Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter for Shakespeare & Company:
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Carol Gilligan background – “Awakening the best in the Human Spirit”:
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Carol Gilligan biography:
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Summary: In seventeenth century Boston and a young Puritan woman, Hester, is being publically shamed for her role in the act of adultery. Unwilling to name the man who fathered her daughter, Hester is forced to wear a scarlet letter A on her dress and remain a humiliated outcast of society. When Hester's husband, who was previously assumed dead, comes to Boston to seek revenge for his wife's wrongdoing and reveal the identity of her lover, the entire colony is turned upside down. With her life on the line, Hester must find the strength within herself to overcome her culture's moral obligations and reveal the true beauty of the human spirit. In this adaptation by Carol Gilligan, Hester’s daughter, Pearl, is also reflecting on her memories of the experience.

We will have graphic novels of this book for sale in the lobby for Homeschools and parents.

Production Staff
Directed by | KATIE MUELLER
Lighting Designer | J.R. SHAW
Costume Designer | PAULA PARKER
Scenic Painter | JILL BLACK
Technical Director | GEORGE DESHELTER
Stage Manager | KIERA PHILLIPS

Justin Fortunato Interview

Cast - Biographies

The Scarlet Letter Cast

Hester Prynne | IVY STEINBERG
Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale | JUSTIN FORTUNATO
Roger Chillingsworth | PETER EVANS
Mistress Hibbins | CHARLOTTE SONNE
Governor Bellingham | WILLIAM CREAN
Reverend Wilson | KEN LUTZ

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