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2008-2009 SEASON

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Twelve Angry Men

The Westing Game

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2008-2009 Season: The Westing Game

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The Westing Game, which Prime Stage Theatre commissioned and premiered in 2008, has been published by Dramatic Publishing Company and is available to other theatres. It was adapted by Darian Lindle, from the Newbery Award-winning novel by Ellen Raskin.

Dramatic Publishing

Cast: 8m., 7w. The unsuspecting residents of Sunset Towers are summoned to the reading of a mysterious will, only to find themselves locked in a thrilling game, as they must discover who is responsible for killing an eccentric millionaire. Through blizzards, bombings and unlikely alliances, the game is on, and the only people who hold all the clues are one Westing heir and you. Unit set. Approximate running time: two hours.

The Westing Game - Pittsburgh Tribune Review

CHRYSTAL BATES | Judge JJ Ford & Shower Guest
SANDY BOGGS | Flora Baumbach & Shower Guest
STEVEN J. CLEMENS | Detective, Otis Amber & Shower Guest
DAVID CRAWFORD | Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers
CAMERON CROWE | George & Theo Theodorakis & Shower Guest
JOHN FEIGHTNER | Ed Plum, Dr. Sikes & Shower Guest
SARA ASHLEY FISHER | Angela Wexler & Violet Westing
LYNNE FRANKS | Sydelle Pulaski & Shower Guest
MATT HENDERSON | Chris Theodorakis & Shower Guest
SARA RACHEL LAMB | Grace Windsor Wexler, Young Mrs. Sam Westing
CHARLOTTE SONNE | Berthe Erica Crow & Shower Guest
VINCE VENTURA | D. Denton Deere, Podcast Announcer & Shower Guest
MORGAN WANGLER | Turtle Wextler
CHRIS YOUNG | James Shin Hoo & Shower Guest
ROBERT LE | Doug Hoo & Shower Guest