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lit·er·a·ture - books and other written works considered to have creative or artistic merit or lasting value, not just the classics!

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For more than two decades, Prime Stage Theatre has been a mainstay of the Pittsburgh arts community. With over 80 productions, we have been proudly executing around our mission to entertain, inspire and enrich through professional theatre by bringing literature to life.


Mystery Theatre

Mystery Theatre
Begins October 1, 2020

Mask Your Aid Fundraiser graphic

Mask Your Aid
Deadline: November 11, 2020

Einstein, A Stage Portrait

Einstein, A Stage Portrait
Prime Online Event
November 13, 2020

One Christmas Carol

One Christmas Carol
Prime Online Event
December 11, 2020

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner's Truth, “I will shake every place I go to”
Prime Online Event
February 12, 2021


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