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Celebrating our 25th Season, Prime Stage Theatre has been a mainstay of the Pittsburgh arts community. With over 90 productions, we have been proudly executing around our mission to entertain, inspire and enrich through professional theatre by bringing literature to life.


Check Out Our New Flex Membership Plan!
A Flex Membership Plan FOR $75


We’ve worked on improving how to make this reunion of returning to theatre more flexible. By discontinuing our previous fixed subscription, we now offer a Flex Member option to reconnect with Prime Stage and explore all we have to offer. The major difference is you get to decide what you’d like to see.


You received Four general admission Tickets to our season to be used anyway that works best for you.

- Use one ticket per show based on our season
- Use two tickets for one show and bring a friend
- Or use all four tickets to your favorite production of the season

No hidden costs, only $75 plus processing fees and taxes

Plus 20% Discount on other Prime Stage events and fundraisers such as 15 Minutes of Fame, our High School Drama Awards, or our Wine Tasting Event in May.


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