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A Knavish Piece of Mystery

Season Two: “The Play’s the Things”

It’s opening night, and a player is missing. Now it’s up to you to follow the clues, find him, and deliver him backstage before his all-important scene.

Written especially for Prime Stage by author, playwright, and screenwriter Lawrence C. Connolly. “The Play’s the Thing” reunites the cast of eccentric characters featured in our previous five-act podcast “A Knavish Piece of Work.”

The world is full of mysteries. Here’s one we can solve together.

Season Two, Episode one is here!

S02E01 Details: It’s the night of your stage debut, and you can’t remember your lines. Maybe everything will be fine if you sit quietly and get into character. Unfortunately, the stage manager has other plans.

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SEASON ONE DETAILS: Join us each Thursday in October to hear the new weekly episodes of A Knavish Piece.

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Now get out your spy glasses and notepads and prepare to take part in a behind-the-scenes adventure that explores the intersection of life and storytelling - an investigation in which You will discover that mysteries are everywhere.

Something strange is afoot at the New Town Theater. A dressing room is locked. Two actors are missing. And You are there to join the investigation as a cast and crew confront a mystery in which nothing is as it seems.


Podcast Author Lawrence Connolly
Photo by Gary Yon

Lawrence Connolly, is a celebrated author of books and stories featured in Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone and other top magazines and anthologies of fantasy, horror and science fiction. His screenplays include “This Way to Egress,” co-authored with David Slade and featured in the anthology film Nightmare Cinema (2019). A professional writer for over 40 years, his stories have been featured in the books Year’s Best Horror Stories and 100 Great Fantasy Short-Short Stories. He is the author of six books – three novels and three-story collections. His collection Voices was a finalist for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award.

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