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Literacy in ACTion

"Because of the Literacy in ACTion Program, my students progressed with their reading. Tests scores continue to improve on the PSSA, 4Sight, and Curriculum Benchmark Exams based on the skills that are incorporated into pre- and post-lessons of each play studied." (Pittsburgh Lincoln)

The Literacy in ACTion Program is designed to help teachers in economically-challenged districts transform reluctant and struggling adolescent students into students who can read, are motivated, find value and enjoyment in a variety of literature.

Through the program, students will:

  • Comprehend, visualize, and find personal connections to a range of characters, themes and topics within stories they are reading in school.
  • Apply their improved skills of reading, writing and creative thinking when responding to works of literature and seeing theatre.
  • Make personal decisions to read and use more literature on their own.

Through the program, teachers will:

  • Learn and build skills to observe, assess, and apply arts-based best practices to effectively and confidently address literacy among their students.
  • Design, deliver and assess effective theatre-based classroom strategies for all students.
  • Discover how to use theatre and arts experiences as strategies to enhance their curriculum.

What schools receive through participation in the Literacy in ACTion Program:

  • Books, materials, supplies and website access to connect to other Literacy in ACTion teachers and students.
  • In-school experiences that utilize authentic, alternative classroom strategies.
  • Complimentary tickets to three theatrical performances of the literature produced by Prime Stage.
  • Interactive Professional Development opportunities that address teachers' challenges in the classroom.

Would you like your school to be a part of the Literacy in ACTion Program?

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You may email the completed application to or mail to: Prime Stage Theatre, Attn: Education Director, PO Box 99446, Pittsburgh, PA 15233.

Participating schools and districts have included:

  • Highlands
  • Yough
  • Steel Valley
  • Wesley Spectrum
  • Bentworth
  • Carlynton
  • Trinity
  • Linton
  • Keystone Oaks
  • Clarion

Comments from participating teachers and students:

"I would like to say that this partnership with Prime Stage has been invaluable for my students who have come from other countries and for whom English is not their first language. They have beginning reading skills, but seeing the play as well makes the literature comprehensible to them and increases their confidence in their reading ability." (Keystone Oaks School District)
"To see the students work together so beautifully was truly a sight to behold. The age, economic and academic difference melted away. The Prime Stage activities have shown that theatre can bring all students together." (Trinity High School)
"This partnership with Prime Stage has been invaluable for my students. Seeing the play makes the literature comprehensible to them and increases their confidence in their reading ability." (Keystone Oaks School District)

Education Program Funding

Our Education Programs are funded in part by:

The Grable Foundation, American Eagle Outfitters, The Laurel Foundation, Macy's, PNC Charitable Trust, Henry C. Frick Educational Fund of The Buhl Foundation

Prime Stage Theatre is eligible to receive EITC Funding. You can support our education programs and make sure students see theatre and read - click here.

Who can

Criteria for Eligible Schools:

  • Statement of need for literacy resources and enrichment, and minimal opportunities to include multiple arts and theatre programs in the curriculum.
  • PSSA Reading scores that need improvement.
  • Stated need to improve their students' reading proficiency levels from the administration.

Literacy Statement