Literacy Statement

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Prime Stage Theatre's Commitment to Literacy

NCTE (2020) noted how “Literacy has always been a collection of communicative and sociocultural practices shared among communities. As society and technology change, so does literacy.” In this 21st Century digital world, Prime Stage is committed to “Bringing Literature to Life” with its productions and programs that meet the needs of teachers, the interests of students, and the imaginations of everyone.

We believe that literacy and the theatre can lift people up, inspire opportunities, and present new ways of seeing the world in positive ways. Effective teachers help students connect literature to their own world. Students discover literature, enjoy reading and vicariously "live in" the literature. Talented artists bring stories from the pages to life by providing multi-sensory experiences. Our adaptations of literature and historical figures and programs are selected and produced to meet those goals.

Blending the arts and pedagogy, our arts-integrated educational outreach programs help teachers increase the literacy skills and interests of reluctant and struggling readers in all districts, especially the economically challenged districts. New worlds and new ideas are discovered. Ensuring the experiences are accessible, everyone can connect theatre and literature to their lives and to the communities where they live.

Prime Stage-where literature comes to life.

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Education Program Funding

Our Education Programs are funded in part by:

The Grable Foundation, The Laurel Foundation, Henry C. Frick Educational Fund of The Buhl Foundation, General Dollar Literacy Foundation, McKinney Charitable Trust of the PNC Foundation, Nora Roberts Foundation