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Global Classroom

The Prime Stage Global Classroom is a program that offers a unique interactive opportunity for high school students to connect with other students in different cultures

  • This program is offered to schools at no charge.
  • Students learn to see the world, and the people who live in it, with greater empathy and understanding.
  • It creates an opportunity for students to share in conversations and discussions with teens from around the globe.
  • Students share a common humanity and work together to address issues that confront all of us.
  • The program uses video conferencing technology to connect schools.
  • Participating students are actively engaged throughout the program.
  • Since 2021, Global Classroom has been part of the enGAGE Program, which stands for Genocide Awareness Global Education. This annual program is presented in partnership with the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

2023 Global Classroom Performance

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This year in October students in Pennsylvania and across the globe will watch a streamed performance of Perseverance based on the book Perseverance: One Holocaust Survivor's Journey from Poland to America by Melvin Goldman and Lee Goldman Kikel and adapted for the stage by L.E. McCullough.

The world premiere of Perseverance brings to the stage a powerful memoir of healing and renewal. Few visitors to the G&S Jewelry Store in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood during the 1960s and ’70s were aware that the cheerful proprietor, Melvin Goldman, had spent his teens enduring the horrors of Auschwitz before arriving as a penniless refugee in postwar Pittsburgh intent on reshaping his family’s destiny and replacing Darkness with Light, one shop patron at a time.

Students will discuss the play, the literature, and topics related to the Holocaust as they connect across the globe and explore how they can make a significant positive impact in their schools and communities.

In the past, we have joined students from the following countries:
Dominican Republic, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States

This year the Global Classroom is scheduled during the week of October 16, 2023

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Education Program Funding

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