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Innovative Master Classes


Virtual Masters Class - Ages 16 & Up


Class Price $35

Learn how to ace your self-tape audition and walk through the basics of camera set up, lighting, sound, and audition tips for film, theater, commercial, and television. The second half of class will be devoted to goal setting and prep work for actors during quarantine, giving participants tools to overcome perfectionism, procrastination, and lack of direction. This class offers a guide to lay down habits that further your professional goals and focus on long term artistic success.

**Refunds will onlly be given if Prime Stage Theatre needs to cancel the class

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About this Event

Choose From Three Great Classes for $75 each or select all three for $195.

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April 24, 2021 2pm Ages 16 & Up

Get an in-depth description as to how the talent industry functions through the viewpoint of an agent, and walk through the steps needed to break into the industry. You will also learn how agencies differ and which agency you should consider for your particular skills. Learn industry tips only an agent would know. Get insight on how to be seen by a talent agent and discuss the resources and tools you should consider using to do so.

Registration Closes: Wednesday, April 21st


May 15, 2021 2pm Ages 16 & Up

Brian is a professional film and stage actor. Having spent 11 years living and working in Hollywood, Brian will infuse his experience in discussing how to be an Empowered Actor in the highly competitive entertainment industry. There are no guarantees, absolutes, or certain paths in your journey as an actor so you want to give yourself every advantage to help increase your chance of success. This class offers tips and insights to help you take control of what you can and empower yourself as an actor.

Registration Closes: Wednesday, May 12th