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Prime Stage Theatre is holding auditions for our

15 Minutes of Fame Event

Show off your best “talent” at Prime Stage’s 15 Minutes of Fame. There will be three levels of talent featured at this event two (2) categories SINGING and DRAMATIC MONOLOGUES. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category:
Youth from age 5 - 14
Teens 15 - 18
Adults 19 and up

15 Minutes of Fame November 7, 2022, at 7 pm at The New Hazlett Theater.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, October 8, 2022, and Sunday, October 9, 2022 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Non-Equity) at:
Prime Stage Studio
840 Saw Mill Run Blvd. (Lower-Level Entrance)
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

For auditions, Auditionees should prepare a one-minute monologue or song. If singing, please bring sheet music, along with a musical instrument or CD to accompany yourself. No accompanist will be provided. Please bring a resume and headshot with you to the audition.

**Prime Stage Theatre adheres to the covid policy of our performance facility, The New Hazlett Theatre therefore all participants will be required to either be fully vaccinated or provide routine covid test results -subject to change

Auditions are by appointment only. Please email

Please include your full name, phone number, and preferred audition time. You will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time within 24-48 hours. Please note that auditions are scheduled in 5-minute time slots.

Prime Stage Theatre is holding auditions for our

Winter/Spring Shows

Prime Stage is looking for Non-Equity actors of all ages. All ethnicities and genders are welcome.

GENERAL AUDITIONS will be conducted at the Prime Stage Studio on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15TH from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm and SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16th from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Actors will present 2 monologues one dramatic and one comedic. Each monologue must be 90 secs or less.

*Please note, if you are auditioning for Harriet Tubman, you will be asked to sing an acapella gospel or spiritual song

**Please note, if you are auditioning for 39 Steps, you will be asked to perform your comedic monologue twice with two different voices and physicalities.

CALLBACKS will be held separately for each show throughout the coming months.

Prime Stage Rehearsal Information: Rehearsals are on weekday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Days off will typically be Monday and Tuesday but may change per show

To secure your time slot and for any additional questions, please email

Please include your full name, phone number, and preferred audition time. You will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time within 24-48 hours. Please note that auditions are scheduled in 5-minute time slots.

Prime Stage Theatre adheres to the covid policy of our performance facility, The New Hazlett Theatre therefore all cast members will be required to either be fully vaccinated or provide routine covid test results -subject to change

Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad

Directed by Linda Haston

Rehearsals Starts December 4Th

Performance Schedule*:
Friday, January 20th - 7pm-Preview
Saturday, January 21st - 7pm-Opening
Sunday, January 22nd - 2:30pm
Wednesday, January 25th - 10am-Student Matinee
Thursday, January 26th - 10am-Student Matinee
Friday, January 27th - 7pm
Saturday, January 28th - 2:30pm and 7pm
Sunday, January 29th - 2:30pm


Harriet Tubman: (black female) age range 19-25 – Leader/Conductor of the Underground Railroad; must sing
Sarah Bradford: (white female) age range 20-30 – Narrator/Author trying to get a book on Tubman published; also plays Quaker Woman, Mary Ross, Mrs. Ross, Susan B. Anthony; must sing
Publisher, Master, Soldier: (white male) age range 20-40 – Book publisher, slave master and soldier; must sing
Various Female Characters: (black female) age range 20-30; must sing
Joe, William Still, Henry, Mr. Ross, Conductor: (black male) – 20-40; must sing

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Directed by Wayne Brinda

Rehearsals Starts January 22nd

Performance Schedule*:
Friday, March 3rd - 8pm-Preview
Saturday, March 4th - 8pm-Opening
Sunday, March 5th - 2:30pm
Wednesday, March 8th - 10am-Student Matinee
Thursday, March 9th - 10am-Student Matinee
Friday, March 10th - 8pm
Saturday, March 11th - 2:30pm and 8pm
Sunday, March 12th - 2:30pm


ASLAN: Male 30’s to late 40’s- -The actor will be wearing makeup to create the lion character. Aslan is a leader who is tall, compassionate, commanding, and well-spoken. Being he is a lion, he should have a great roar and be physically flexible.

WHITE WITCH: Female late 20’s to 40’s--Beautiful and statuesque, she commands leadership and is well-spoken with expressive eyes.

DWARF: Male any age--He is the closest ally of the White Witch. He is crafty and loyal to the White Witch.

FENRIS ULF / WITCH’S ARMY DWARF: Male 20’s – 30’s--The evil messenger and warrior of the White Witch. Must be physically flexible and athletic.

LUCY: Female 11 – 13--As the youngest child of the family, Lucy has great curiosity, and a great imagination, and shows an innocent quality.

EDMUND: Male 14 – 16--As the younger brother, he is skeptical of everything and easily influenced by the White Witch.

SUSAN: Female 15 – 18--As the older sister, she is pleasant; but has a take-charge personality with her siblings.

PETER: Male 15 – 18--As the older brother, he is curious and defends the family.

TUMNUS, THE FAUN / ASLAN ARMY: Male 20’s--Tumnus the faun is limber like a dancer, plays a recorder, is pleasant, and naïve.

MR. BEAVER: Male 20’s – 30’s--Outspoken, a bit gruff, a hard worker who is a builder.

MRS. BEAVER: Female 20 – 30’s--Pleasant personality, optimistic, friendly, loves to have company

PROFESSOR/FATHER CHRISTMAS / WITCH’S ARMY: Male 30’s – 50’s--The actor should be able to play multiple roles that include a wise Professor who owns the manor house, Father Christmas, and a member of the Witch’s army for the battle.

3 WOOD NYMPHS / WITCH’S ARMY AND ASLAN ARMY: Male or Female: 16 – 20’s--Actors should be imaginative, physically flexible, and able to play multiple roles.

The 39 Steps

Directed by Scott Calhoon

Rehearsals Starts March 26th

Performance Schedule*:
Friday, May 5th - 8pm-Preview
Saturday, May 6th - 8pm-Opening
Sunday, May 7th - 2:30pm
Wednesday, May 10th (TBD) - 10am-Student Matinee
Thursday, May 11th - 10am-Student Matinee
Friday, May 12th - 8pm
Saturday, May 13th - 2:30pm and 8pm
Sunday, May 14th - 2:30pm


Richard Hannay: Male, 30-50, A dashing, dapper English gentleman, Richard should possess a great sense of camaraderie and be a good listener with great comic timing and be adept at physical comedy. British accent required.

Pamela, Annabella, Margaret: Female, 20-40, Versatile lead actress to play three roles: Annabella is a mysterious alluring German spy; Margaret is young, shy, sheltered, wife of an older country farmer; Pamela is our spunky, independent, and young British heroine. Must have excellent comedic timing. Several European accents required. Needs to possess physical, emotional and comedic skills.

Clowns 1 and 2: All Genders, 18-50, Two extremely versatile character actors that play dozens and dozens of characters with speed and agility. A great sense of comedy, improv and physicality are essential. Various European accents and vocal prowess needed.

The Boxcar Children

Directed by Laura Wurzell

Rehearsals Starts May 7th

Performance Schedule*:
Friday, June 16th - 7pm-Preview
Saturday, June 17th - 7pm-Opening
Sunday, June 18th - 2:30pm
Wednesday, June 21st - 10am- Matinee
Thursday, June 22nd - 10am- Matinee
Friday, June 23rd - 7pm
Saturday, June 24th - 2:30pm and 7pm
Sunday, June 25th - 2:30pm


The Children

Henry Alden: (13-15 years old) Henry is hard-working, protective of his brother and sisters, thoughtful, and the new father figure of the orphaned Alden children. His twin is Jessie, and he balances her feisty nature.

Jessie Alden:(13-15 years old) Jessie is strong-willed and not afraid of much. She takes care of Violet and Benny; and has a take-charge attitude.

Violet Alden: (9-11 years old) Violet is the shyest of the Alden children. She loves to bake, take care of the “house” and helps Jessie look after Benny.

Benny/also plays “the Kid”: (6-7 years old) Benny is the youngest of the orphaned children. He is spunky, and likes to find the “fun” in any situation, wants to please, and is very imaginative.
“The Kid” is homeless and orphaned, doesn’t want to talk, and is being taken care of by some other homeless people.

The Adults

Mrs. Alberts/Mrs. Truman/bakery woman: (30s-60s) Mrs. Alberts is the no-nonsense principal of the Alden children’s school. She is all business/Mrs. Truman is the kind, concerned and wise mother of Dr. Samuel Truman. Together, they are trying to solve the mystery of who the Alden children are/belong with/The “bakery woman” runs a local bakery, and is overworked, suspicious, and looking to get the reward money.

Officer Banning/Mr. John Henry Alden/Cookie: (50s-60s) Officer Banning is a typical police officer with a take-charge attitude and rather brusque nature/Mr. John Henry Alden is the estranged grandfather of the Alden children. They believe him to be mean and unaccepting, but learn to see another side of him/Cookie is a homeless person living in a “Hooverville” (vagabond town of homeless people). Protective of “the Kid” and uses any means to get food for his “family.”

Sarah Calder: (20s-30s) Sarah is the social worker charged with finding a home for the Alden children when they are orphaned.

Dr. Samuel Truman/Sheriff: (30s-40s) Dr. Truman befriends Henry and is the link to connecting the children with their grandfather. He is thoughtful, curious, and ready to help.

Big Mike: (20s-40s) Cookie’s sidekick. (Possibly played by one of the other actors.)

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