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Theatre Inspires Creative Minds

Prime Stage Theater is known for its education outreach programs and “Bringing Literature to Life” on stage. Our company is unique in the way we blend theatre and education together. Our internship program will give you the opportunity to work in the world of professional theater. It’s a structured program that becomes part classroom and part hands-on. You'll be working with professionals in the trade with hands-on experience along with personal training and on-line resources.

We'll provide you the tools and training needed to further your education and career.

If you would like to apply for an intern position please email with your name and position your interested in.

One intern wrote this reflection of his experiences in the program:

"I joined the Intern Program in tenth grade. At that time I was doing horribly in school, I was depressed, and felt like I was doing nothing with my life. I had always been involved in the theater, but my high school never embraced much art. I was introduced to Prime Stage through my school, and it was life changing. They were happy to incorporate me in their productions. Prime Stage has given me the knowledge to work with other theatres and in theater for years to come".

Internship Positions Available

Stage Management Interns
We have two positions available for all 3 shows during our season. You will either be a Stage Manager intern or an Assistant Stage Manager Intern. You will rotate between the positions throughout the run of the show, so that you will get a hand on experience in both. Hours worked will typically be 6-8 hours. Duties that will be performed are as listed, but not limited too; Attending auditions and callbacks, setting up the rehearsal space, assisting the Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager during rehearsals with line notes, blocking notes, and creating a updated prop tracking list, costume tracking list, and, if needed, a scene change tracking list. During the run of the show, you will assist both the Stage Manager and the Assistant Stage Manager in setting up the stage for show conditions by setting props, costumes, sweeping/mopping, and making sure the backstage wings are prepared for top of show.

Production Intern
We have one position available during the course of the season. The production intern will work with the Production Manager. You will assist them in making sure the show stays on budget, creating and handing out contracts, holding production meetings, and taking accurate notes. You will also assist with scheduling all departments for load-in and making sure each department is completing their duties in a timely fashion.

Lighting Interns
We have 2-3 positions available. The amount of positions will be determined by the show’s needs. Typically we are requesting two lighting technicians that can assist in lighting hang, and focus during load-in and to assist with striking and resetting the lighting back to the house repertory plot. You would work under the direction of the Lighting Designer and the Master Electrician. You may also be needed to run the Lighting console during the run of the show. If you have a specific interest in Lighting Design, please let us know on your application or when we speak with you, so that we can work out a way for you to work with the Lighting Designer. We request that this internship have some sort of knowledge of this field. We will teach and train you as you progress through, but a general knowledge is preferred.

Sound Intern
We have 1 position available during the course of the season. As a sound intern you will work with the Sound Designer on setting up the house sound system, helping patch, and set up the sound console, and assisting in running the console during the run of the show. A general knowledge of this field is preferred.

Costume Intern
We have 1 position available throughout the course of the season. You will work closely with the Costume Designer during their process. As well as assisting the Stage Management staff during the run of the show with maintaining, repairing, washing, and preparing the costumes for the show.

Operation Interns
There are two positions available throughout the course of the season. We have positions available in the Box office, Marketing/PR, and Education Development. Hours will be determined based on the needs of the team you are working for. We prefer that these interns have some sort of education, or previous knowledge of these areas before applying.