The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Based on the Novel by C.S. Lewis
Dramatized by Joseph Robinette

Directed by Wayne Brinda

March 3 - 12, 2023

On a rainy day in London four children step through a magical wardrobe and discover an enchanted kingdom filled with fantasy, mystical characters, and suspense as the world of Narnia based on C S Lewis’ timeless book comes to life.

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Fun Facts

The story was inspired by an image Lewis conjured up when he was 16- of a faun carrying parcels and an umbrella passing through a snowy wood. This is most likely who the faun Mr. Tumnus is based on- who would become Lucy's first friend in Narnia.

Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were in a writing group called “The Inklings.” While both writers were working on fantasy novels—Lewis on Narnia and Tolkien on The Lord of the Rings—they met every Monday morning to talk about writing. Others started to join them, and soon the group swelled to 19 men, so they started meeting on Thursday evenings to share and discuss their work.


Aslan is named after the Turkish word for 'lion'!

Aslan is a powerful creature but also gentle and wise. He has a deep love for all creation and will do anything to protect those he cares for.

The White Witch’s name, Jadis, means 'witch' in Persian.

The White Witch has magical powers that allow her to freeze people and objects by turning them into stone, creating spells and potions, and casting the land into never-ending winter.

The Professor, whose name is Digory Kirke, is based on William T. Kirkpatrick, who tutored Lewis when he was a teenager.

The Children

In 1939, three girls, Margaret, Mary, and Katherine, were evacuated from London because of anticipated bombings and sent to live with Lewis in the countryside for a short time. This situation seems to be the inspiration for the four children.

The original names of the Pevensie siblings were Rose, Peter, Martin, and Ann.

The character of Lucy, the youngest sibling, was based on C.S. Lewis's goddaughter- Lucy Barfield. In fact, he began writing the books in an effort to get his goddaughter to read more fairy tales! She was 4 years old when he started the book and 14 when he finished it.

Turkish Delight – Recipe

What is Turkish Delights?
Turkish delight is a candy made with starch and sugar. The most common flavor is rosewater but many other varieties such as lemon, mastic, orange, as well as plain are popular in Turkey. Some of them also contain chopped nuts or soapwort extract.

Why did C.S. Lewis write Turkish Delight into Narnia?
When C.S. Lewis started writing the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the world looked very different. Because of World War 2, confectionery items were rationed in Britain. By the time the book was finally published in 1950, the allowance was still half a pound of candy and chocolate per person per month—if you could afford it, of course. That’s why it makes so much sense that Edmund’s wish from the White Witch is a candy that is made almost entirely of sugar. Something luxurious and out of reach at the time.

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